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I mean, it wasn't like I gave up physics for him. I scrapped a persuasive-speaking class, which clearly I didn't need, since I was able to convince Ms. Vail to rearrange my schedule. Or so I thought. Sitting in the office had me wondering if maybe the class would have sharpened my skills.

Ms. Vail must have found out the true motive for my request. Ms. Winters probably tipped her off. I was going to be in trouble. A detention or—worse—switched out of Marc's class. They'd probably want to make a point that what I did wasn't acceptable. I couldn't imagine the school looking too favorably on changing a student's schedule due to their relationship status.

"What? Oh." Ms. Vail waved her hand at me. "That wasn't a problem."

I sat up straighter. If that wasn't the issue, what was?

She turned a piece of paper toward me. "I actually wanted to talk to you about your college applications."

I let out a sigh of relief. That's it? I'd worried over nothing.

"I'm all set with that. I already started."

Now it was Ms. Vail's turn to let out a breath. "Camryn—"

"Cam," I corrected her. Unless I was getting grounded, no one ever called me Camryn.

"Cam," she continued. "You remember the assembly last year?"

I nodded. The juniors had been called into the auditorium for a lecture about life after high school, what to look for in a college, and so on. It was pretty boring, but it got me out of precalc, so I was all about it.

The guidance counselors made us fill out a questionnaire and encouraged us to set up an appointment to talk about options. The only person I knew who had actually signed up was Grace. I guess now that it was the start of senior year, they were circling back to all of us no-shows.

She pointed at the paper in front of me. "That's the form you turned in."

Scanning the questions, I couldn't help but smile. I definitely remembered filling it out. The whole college section had hearts drawn around it. I traced one with my finger.

"I've been going over everyone's files, and your answers concern me," Ms. Vail said.

I knew it wasn't so much my answers, plural, as my answer, singular. The questions read:

What is your dream school?
What is your reach school?
What is your match school?
What is your safety school?

I wrote Columbia for all of them.

"I wasn't ignoring the assignment. I just know what I want."

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